From enhanced comfort, innovative entertainment to smart driver assistance features, everything you’d want to make your life easier is in reach with BMW ConnectedDrive.


Explore the growing range of bookable functions available for your BMW exactly when you need them*.

Active Cruise Control.

Enjoy more relaxed driving on long journeys. In stop-and-go traffic, it supports in slowing you down to a stop and accelerates when it’s time to move again.

High-beam Assistant.

You no longer need to switch between low and high beam. Your BMW automatically does it for you, so you can drive more safely on dark roads.

Safety camera information.

Get better and more timely information. Static speed cameras and traffic light cameras are shown on the control display of your BMW.

Map Update.

Take the direct route to your destination with automatic and manual updates. Your navigation system now detects new roadworks and altered road layouts - No more detours or aimless journeys.

Apple CarPlay Preparation.

Wireless, direct and convenient. Use the functions of your iPhone on the touch screen, iDrive Controller or by voice control while you’re driving.

Driving Assistant Plus.

Relax but always remain in charge. With the help of Driving Assistant Plus, your BMW can maintain its speed, stay in the lane, and keep its distance from the vehicle ahead.